Buying Your Child A New Mac Laptop For College? Tips To Buy Them The Best One For Their Needs

If your child is going to college, having their own laptop will make life much easier on them. They can take notes in class with it, if allowed, and quickly type up homework they may have. If you are planning to buy your child a new Mac laptop, below are some tips on what you should look for so it will work well for them. Memory The amount of memory, also known as RAM, installed on the laptop is important. [Read More]

Two Easy But Effective Ways To Prevent Viruses On Your Laptop Computer

It's one of the worst possible things to happen to your laptop computer - it gets a virus and you end up losing valuable information. A virus can even use your e-mail program to spread itself to other computers. Here are two but very effective ways to protect your laptop computer from getting infected with a virus. Use Anti-Virus Software You have probably heard this before and the reason you have is because the importance of using anti-virus software cannot be stressed enough. [Read More]

Creative Ways To Upgrade Your Keyboard

Americans spend a lot of time on their desktop computers and laptops each day (103 minutes to be exact). If you find that you are spending a significant amount of time behind the screen of your computer, there are ways to make your device more pleasant to look at. Taking the time to upgrade your keyboard can be a creative way to personalize your computer in the future. Here are two unique ideas you may want to try when trying to put your own personal touch on your computer. [Read More]

Slow Performance? It's Not Always A Virus

Malware, spyware and other categories often called viruses are well-known to average computer users as dangers that can slow down systems and steal information. They're easy to catch without proper computer use knowledge—although unseen to those who don't know what to look for— and inevitable as a part of a computer user's life. That said, viruses aren't the only cause of slow performance. Take a look at what a virus does and how other causes may have similar symptoms to the untrained eye. [Read More]