IT Support And Small Businesses: The Basics

As a business owner, your IT infrastructure is important. You need to make sure that you have professionals accessible to establish, protect, and maintain your network infrastructure and your data security. For many business owners, a lack of understanding about information technology and managed IT support solutions can lead to mistakes and overlooked details. Here's a look at some things that you should know about your company's IT support and managed IT solutions.

3 Ways To Help Remote Workers With Cybersecurity

Many businesses are continuing to allow their employees to work from home throughout 2020. If you are a business that is allowing more employees to work from home this year, you need to make sure you are supporting your remote workers and providing them with tools to enhance their cybersecurity. Help Set-Up a VPN Service You don't want employees sending work over their networks at home, which may not be that secure.

How Often Should Business Computing Systems Be Updated Or Scanned?

An array of business computer issues need to be handled on a regular schedule. Whether you have a handful of machines running at your organization or hundreds, it's wise to have a business computer services professional check up on your systems from time to time. Here are four items that should be on your checklist and how often they need to be addressed. Operating System Patches and Updates Keeping the OS in top condition is an important job.