Small Business Owners: Why Outsourcing Computer Services Matters

Keeping Your Network And All Its Data Safe May Require In-House Computer Network Support

Part of running a business involves the security of your physical equipment and any data or information regarding the business, your clients, and your employees. If your business has computers that have access to the Internet or are linked together through a wireless network, you need to be sure the network is secure. When the business has only a few computers, only a few people with access to them, and they are not connected to the Internet all the time, you can contact a computer network support specialist to come and take care of any problems you may be experiencing. However, if you have many computers all hooked together wirelessly, stored proprietary data for your business or your clients that could be damaging to the business somehow, or even private employee data, you may want to hire an in-house network specialist to keep everything safe.  Here are a few benefits of having your own specialist.

Knows the System and On the Spot

Having someone in-house means that any problem can be handled immediately. Quite often, an in-house specialist will notice there is something amiss before it becomes a problem. When you have a wireless network in place, there are ways for people who should not be on it to hack into the system. Sometimes they are just looking for a way to connect to the Internet, but sometimes they are looking for your data. When you have a specialist right there, he or she can be alerted any time someone connects to the network, kick them off, and block that device from getting back in.

Adding New Devices

In today's technological world, people are constantly buying new devices. One way to keep your network more secure is to have the system set up so that a media access control (MAC) ID must be entered into the system for every device allowed access. Your network support specialist can add in new devices and remove any that are no longer allowed with a few keystrokes. This ensures that everyone that needs access has it and anyone who is not allowed does not. If you need to contact an outside company to do this, which may be needed frequently if there are many people that need access, it might take a while to make the changes. This leaves access on old devices that may have been sold to someone who should not be allowed to get into your network.

No matter what type of business you own, unless you have a single computer that is never connected to the Internet, you are going to need some type of network support at times. If it is only a couple of times a year, go with a trusted network support company. However, if your network is busy and changes frequently, it is best to have someone there to handle things all the time. Contact a company like Net Help 24/7 to learn more.