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Buying Your Child A New Mac Laptop For College? Tips To Buy Them The Best One For Their Needs

If your child is going to college, having their own laptop will make life much easier on them. They can take notes in class with it, if allowed, and quickly type up homework they may have. If you are planning to buy your child a new Mac laptop, below are some tips on what you should look for so it will work well for them.


The amount of memory, also known as RAM, installed on the laptop is important. When your child runs a program on the computer, the processor loads the program's executable file in the computer's memory. The executable file is what opens the program.

If the program contains a large amount of data that has to load and there is not enough memory, the laptop will run slow. Add some peripherals to the mix, such as USB hard drives and web cams, and the laptop will demand even more memory. Memory is also important if your child runs more than one program at once, such as a Web browser, a word pressing program, and their email. All of this will take up part of the Mac's memory.

When buying the laptop for your child, make sure it has at least 8GB of memory.

Screen Size

The size of the laptop is important as your child will likely be carrying it around with them. They may need a larger screen, however. Laptops that have a 12 or 13-inch screen is easy to carry around, but a laptop that has a 14 to 16-inch screen is still pretty easy to carry but will be heavier. If you purchase your child a screen that is larger than 16 inches, your child can use this as more of a desktop computer. Smaller screens generally mean a thinner laptop which affects the weight.

Mac Support

When you purchase the laptop, the salesman will likely ask if you want to purchase support. This means your child can call them at any time to get help. This can be very useful if they are writing a thesis paper and their laptop crashes. In many cases, the problem they are having can be fixed over the phone and the Mac support technician can walk your child through the steps to fix it.

These are just three things you should look for when buying your child a new Mac laptop. Talk with the employee at the computer store who can help you choose the best one for what your child will be using it for. For more information on Mac support, contact a company like Computer Help, Inc.