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Two Easy But Effective Ways To Prevent Viruses On Your Laptop Computer

It's one of the worst possible things to happen to your laptop computer - it gets a virus and you end up losing valuable information. A virus can even use your e-mail program to spread itself to other computers. Here are two but very effective ways to protect your laptop computer from getting infected with a virus.

Use Anti-Virus Software

You have probably heard this before and the reason you have is because the importance of using anti-virus software cannot be stressed enough. Anti-virus software is a must for all laptop computers, especially if you use it to surf the internet. This type of software can protect your computer from viruses that:

  • Have the potential to delete data from your computer
  • Cause your computer to slow down or crash
  • Allow spammers to send e-mail through your account

Once you have installed anti-virus software, it's vitally important to get it updated when the subscription expires. This will ensure your computer is protected from all of the latest viruses.

Use a Strong Password

It's kind of a pain to come up with a different password for every account you have online. Not only that, you also have to come up with a strong one each time. It is worth the effort, though, and can save you from a lot of headaches down the road. When it comes to using a strong password it's never a good idea to include the following information as part of your password:

  • Your spouse's, child's or pet's name followed by a 0 or 1
  • The last four digits of your social security number
  • The word "password"
  • Your date of birth (or any other close family member's DOB)
  • The name of your city or college you attended

Computer experts recommend using long passwords, preferably with numbers, special characters, and both lowercase and uppercase letters. If a password contains only 3 lowercase letters, it takes hackers only .02 seconds to get into your computer. However, if a password contains 8 different characters, it would take 2.10 centuries for a hacker to get through and infect your computer with a virus.

By using anti-virus software and a really strong password, you will be doing your laptop computer a huge favor and it will be harder for it to get infected with a virus. If you do happen to get a virus and you don't know what to do, any computer company that does laptop repair will be able to help.

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