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Creative Ways To Upgrade Your Keyboard

Americans spend a lot of time on their desktop computers and laptops each day (103 minutes to be exact). If you find that you are spending a significant amount of time behind the screen of your computer, there are ways to make your device more pleasant to look at. Taking the time to upgrade your keyboard can be a creative way to personalize your computer in the future.

Here are two unique ideas you may want to try when trying to put your own personal touch on your computer.

1. Make your keyboard resemble an old typewriter by giving the keyboard a steampunk makeover.

Typewriters hold a certain nostalgia for many people, and you can capture these same feelings by giving your computer's keyboard a steampunk makeover.

Start by investing in some stickers that resemble old typewriter keys, and select a keyboard whose keys make a nice sound when in use. Take the keyboard apart and remove the existing keys. Use a brass-colored spray paint to paint the top and bottom of each key, and attach the stickers using an epoxy resin. Replace the keys, attach a piece of felt to the face of the keyboard's casing, and reassemble the keyboard.

The end result will be keys that look like they come directly from an old typewriter, creating a personalized look for your computer.

2. Cover your existing keyboard keys with washi tape.

If you want to express your artistic side, incorporating patterned washi tape into your keyboard's design could be the answer. This simple keyboard upgrade requires only a keyboard with flat keys, some washi tape in a variety of colors and patterns that complement each other, and a lot of patience.

Begin by cleaning off your keyboard with some rubbing alcohol. Next, hold a piece of construction paper on one of the keys and trace around the key with a pencil. This will serve as your template for cutting out pieces of washi tape. Place the template on the non-sticky side of the washi tape, and cut around it.

Vary the colors and patterns of the washi tape as you place it on your keyboard until you create an aesthetically pleasing design, and be sure that no pieces of tape are left hanging over the sides of your keyboard's keys to collect dust.

Making your computer's keyboard more personal with a steampunk or washi tape makeover will make your time spend on your desktop or laptop more entertaining in the future.

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