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Why You Should Put Asset Tags On All Of Your Company's Computers

If you haven't yet bought asset tags for all of your company's computers, now is the time to do it. Asset tags are designed to stay stuck on your computers, and they are difficult or impossible to remove. They can be custom designed with your company's logo and any other important information that you want on them, and they have quite a few benefits. These are some of the reasons why your company should consider investing in asset tags.

Prevent Theft

Unfortunately, theft should always be a primary concern when it comes to your company's expensive computer equipment. Not only do you have to worry about break-ins, but you also have to think about things like employee theft. If your computers are tagged with asset labels, employees and burglars will all be less likely to try to steal them. Plus, if your computers are stolen, it will be easier for them to be found and recovered if they have these labels.

Keep Track of Different Equipment

It can be tough to keep track of all of your computers, their warranty information, their software information and more. If you have asset tags with separate barcodes on them, however, it will be easier to keep track of this information. By so doing, you ensure that you can always find any necessary information about each of your computers without any hassle.

Keep Things Organized

You can use different codes or different colors to indicate which computers go in which rooms, offices or floors. Then, if you have to send your computers off for repair, or if you have to relocate to another building, it will be easy for you -- or your movers -- to determine where each computer goes.

Make Information Easy to Find

If you have trouble keeping up with passwords or network information, listing this information on your asset tags can be very convenient. Then, your employees or IT professionals can easily find this information by glancing at the back of the computer.

As you can probably see, asset tags can be very handy. It's great to put them on all of your company's computers, and you might find that you can benefit by putting them on other electronic equipment as well. You can keep things organized, keep critical information close at hand, and deter and resolve theft of your expensive computers and other electronic equipment. Luckily, you can order custom-made asset tags online from companies like Name That Computer with ease.